How to: Add Automatic File Path to Drawing Header

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 Version(s):XM and Newer
 Environment: All
 Area: Printing
 Original Author:Anders OMahony, Bentley Technical Support Group









This WIKI explains how to add the file path to a drawing header so it's automatically printed


It can be nice to have the full file path to the file location displayed in the drawing header so that the digital copy can easily be traced from the hard copy print.

Steps to Accomplish

1. Type $FILEL$ using the Place Text tool and put the text in a location, in the model/sheet, with good space as the file paths can be quite long.

2. File > Print > in the print dialog > Resymbolization > New Pen Table, give the new pen table a suitable name.

3. In the Modify Pen Table dialog > Global Actions > Text Substitutions... > Edit > Insert Design File > Long.

4. Close the Text Substitutions dialog and click File > Save in the Modify Pen Table dialog.

5. In the Print dialog (File > Print) you can now see the full file path in the Preview window.

For this to work on all your prints remember to write $FILEL$ in all drawing headers and attach the new Pen Table with the text resymbolization.

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