In the Print Dialog, the option Color is grayed out



In the Print Dialog, the option Color is grayed out. It's not possible to toggle from: True Color to: Grey Scale or Monochrome in one or more sheet model(s). The reference Presentation is set to :Hidden Line or Wireframe in such case. The toggle only is active when the presentation is set to a rendered mode.


This occurs because in the sheet model, a self-reference of the sheet model is attached. In sheet models however the presentation cannot be set, as the sheet will follow the parent model. This parent should be a Drawing Model or a Design Model, NOT a Sheet Model.

Bentley has written in his documentation the workflow how to set up drawing. Basically the 3D subject is made in a Design Model. Drawing models are created based on the Design Model. Sheet models are created and should refer to Drawing Models. So only drawing models should be in reference file list.


Create Drawing models for each view / section / detail that you want to see in a sheet model.

Reference drawing models in sheet models.

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