Long paper format to Oce TDS 700



Customer is used to send long paper format plots to an Oce TDS 700 plotter.

Since MicroStation V8i, it's no longer possible to submit long plots, when it is possible to send A4-A0 plots.

The used printer driver configuration file is based on Bentleys HPGLRTL.PLTCFG.

The used window printer driver was Oce WPD v1.21


Solutions is made for paper length up to 9 meters.

1) Share local printer Share name is \\Print host\printer share name>

2) Created a Printer custom for with the same name and sized in Printer Printer defaults.

     Form name: A0-9000 with sizes 841 x 9000 mm

3) Added Windows paper Form A0-9000 with sizes 841 x 9000 mm

4) In printer driver configuration file changed:

Default Print File Name

File name: \\Print host\printer share name
Created Paper Size: Name: A0-9000
Windows Form name: A0-9000
Overall paper size 841, 9000

Now submitting the file using the modified HPGLRTL.PLTCFG, long prints are printed on OCE TDS 700 plotter.

Even folding option as defined in file 9600fold.rfc works fine

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 Original Author:Evert de Jong