Plot option missing in Level Manager

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 Original Author:Todd Combs, Bentley Technical Support Group


Plot option missing in Level Manager


Open MicroStation V8i and go to workspace > configuration > all (alphabetical) category > search for the variable _USTN_CAPABILITY > check the expansion box below the variable to see if you have it's set to -CAPABILITY_LEVEL_PLOT. If you do not see any _USTN variables you'll have to set the variable _USTN_DISPLAYALLCFGVARS=1 to display all Ustation variables then exit and restart MicroStation.

With that capability being set it completely removes the plot option so that the user cannot change it at all. If it's defined on a user level you can delete the variable from the configuration dialog box. If it's defined on a system, or project level you'll need to go to that config file and comment that line out by placing a "#" sign in front of the variable so it's ignored.