Print Organizer - paper drop down list

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 Original Author:Mark Marrero, Bentley Technical Support Group



When creating a new (or editing an existing) print style, the paper size drop down list (on the Main tab, Paper) does not get updated with the paper sizes from a newly selected printer driver configuration file. It keeps the same sizes. If I exit the print organizer and reopen it, none of the paper sizes are correct for any of the styles. Is there a workaround for this?

Is it designed that you have to do a file printer setup and define the PLT and printer there 1st to get the correct paper sizes to show on the MAIN tab when defining print styles. I guess the same when manually defining paper sizes. You must 1st have the PLT and printer defined to get the correct paper sizes.


For the 8.11.7 release, we have modified Print Organizer to repopulate the print style paper size list when a new printer is selected. Currently modifying values on one page of the print style property sheet does not affect other controls on that property sheet. We have changed that behavior with regard to the print style's printer & paper size list for the next release.

I believe Print Organizer already behaves as you expect when the printer is changed via Organizer's File / Printer Setup menu. In 8.11.5, the print style paper list is always obtained from the printer associated with the active print set.