Print Organizer - Please enter a valid print style name -

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Area: Printing
Original Author:Frank Reimann, Bentley Technical Support Group







Problem Description

User gets the message “Please enter a valid print style name” during the creation of a print definition.

The Manually Specified Options … were also not displayed.



Steps to Accomplish

This is a normal behavior, because you have activated with a check mark the Enable variable print definition in Print Organizer -> Edit -> Preferences … ->

This is also the reason, why you are not seeing the Manually Specified Options …


MicroStation Help information about “Enable Variable print definition”

If set, Print Organizer creates Variable print definitions when design files are added to Print Organizer. Variable print definitions improve flexibility and performance in some workflows by deferring discovery of models and print shapes to print time. This allows Print Organizer to create Variable print definitions faster than CAD print definitions, and ensures that any newly added models will print automatically without altering the print set.

You can also use the configuration variable MS_PLT_ENABLE_VARIABLE_DEFINITION_MODE to specify which type of print definition you want to create. For more information, see Creating Print Definitions.

If you remove the checkmark for Enable Variable print definition you will not receive the message “Please enter a valid print style name” and you do not have to use a print style name. Also the Manually specified option …are back in place.