Print Organizer Error: Unable to load design file, ProjectWise using managed workspace

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 Environment: N/A
 Area: Printing
 Original Author:Dawn Clark, Bentley Technical Support Group








Error or Warning Message

When adding a dgn from ProjectWise with a managed workspace to Print Organizer, an error is received: "Unable to load design file".


The problem started after upgrading to ProjectWise SS4.  You can see the problem when using MicroStation SS2 or MicroStation SS3.  The user had the following code in his managed workspace:

%if defined (_PWEXPLORER)

Once these lines were removed, the problem went away.

The treatment of this variable (PW_DISABLE_INTEGRATION) has changed between MicroStation and ProjectWise since the previous release.  Disabling ProjectWise integration via a cfg variable in the managed workspace now prevents Print Organizer's worker process from being able to load the design file.