What MicroStation Printer Driver Configuration file do I use?

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Original Author:Ed Yepes, Bentley Technical Support Group







Problem Description

I have purchased a Laserjet printer and I have created a printer in windows using a PCL driver.  What Printer Driver Configuration file do I use?

Steps to Resolve

MicroStation delivers a Printer Driver Configuration file called Printer.pltcfg. This particular .pltcfg allows you to interface with any printer you have on your desktop.  Any of these printers can be using a PCL/5, PCL/6, Postscript, HPGL/2, HPGLRTL or a manufacturer specific named driver.

You can edit this Printer Driver Configuration file and name it as you wish.  The Property "Windows Printer" can be customized to select a specific Windows Printer, Default Form Name or Default Tray Name.  Look at Online Help for details about each of the different properties.  Open Help and select the Contents tab. Expand the book, "Working with Complete Designs". Expand the folder "Printing". Expand "Printer Driver Configuration Files" and click on "Windows Printer Driver"