Data format within MicroStation used for 3D-Printing




Which data format provides MicroStation for 3D-Printing?




MicroStation provides the STL data format for 3D-Printing, which is supported by most 3D-Printer.


MicroStation Help


Export STL File Dialog

Used to write stereolithography (STL) files from MicroStation surface and solid geometry. STL files are basically lists of triangles.

Opens when you select Export > STL from the File menu. Then select an element or selection set, then specify a file name.

The Export STL command triangulates input geometry using the Facet Parameters settings, then outputs the triangles to an STL file.

3D Printing

MicroStation includes many tools that enable teams to more efficiently create 3D print-ready models.

The following tools are helpful for thickening small parts for 3D printing.

The following tools are helpful for fixing inconsistent normals for 3D printing.

The Close Mesh Voids tool can be used to close a mesh element to a volume for 3D printing.

These tools can be used to create closed volumes for 3D printing.

There are several tools that you can use to check models to ensure that they are ready for 3D printing.

You can export DGN files to file formats required by 3D printing machines.

These tools can be used to isolate elements or trim models for 3D printing.


More information on 3D-printing


STL Viewer


To view the STL data format you can use for example the viewer SolidView 2008.1