Printer Driver Configuration file being edited by wrong Editor

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Area: Printing
Subarea: Dialog
Original Author:Marion Powell, Bentley Technical Support Group


Problem Description

When I select File>Edit Printer Driver Configuration to edit any of my *.pltcfg plot driver files, the file is being edited by the Windows Notepad utility instead of the usual MicroStation XML editor.  If I select a *.plt file to edit, Notepad is the default editor as it should be.

Steps to Resolve

Discovered that the MS_PLTFILE_EDITOR variable had be set to NOTEPAD.EXE.  The default value is [Undefined].  When undefined (blank), the MicroStation XML editor is used for *.pltcfg Printer Driver Configuration files and Notepad is used for *.plt plot drivers.  Removing the NOTEPAD.EXE entry for this variable corrected the problem.

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