Fonts display inconsistently when zoom after printing to PDF

 Version:V8i, CONNECT

Problem Description

Text/Fonts display poorly when printed to PDF format. Some letters look like a different font compared with others in the same word. Other letters appear to have a bold format compared with other letters in the same word/sentence.

Steps to Resolve

The following option can be tried:

  1. Go to File > Print
  2. Select the pdf.pltcfg driver (in Print dialog go to File > Select Bentley Driver)
  3. In Print dialog, go to menu Settings > Print Attributes
  4. Turn off the Line Weights and click OK
  5. Choose the desired paper size
  6. Then Print

See Also

When creating a pdf with pdf.pltcfg the fonts in the pdf look pixilated and not rendering correctly when zooming into the pdf.

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 Original Author:Conor King