Printed pdf text not searchable



Printed pdf text not searchable
We are trying to print pdf files using PDF/A-1b standard (and "Searchable text" is On). Output file is created successfully. However the text in the document is only searchable if the document includes only text. If there are also other elements the text is not searchable and it can't be copied.


Setting PDF Standard to None creates a PDF with searchable text.

Following is documented in Help:

When PDF Standard is set to None, the system creates a standard PDF that can contain many intelligent PDF features, including bookmarks, searchable text, and levels/files (optional content), etc.

When PDF Standard is set to PDF/A-1b, the system creates a PDF that is compliant with the PDF/A-1b standard. The PDF/A-1b standard is a subset of the full PDF standard that is designed for long-term archiving use. Many features of the full PDF standard are not allowed in PDF/A-1b documents. PDF/A-1b output is created with no feedback given regarding any non-compliant data, and the system will silently remove non-compliant features such as levels/files(optional content).

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