Error - Cannot locate a default SHX font. Please install msdefault.shx

 Version:V8i, CONNECT, 2023


User cannot open AutoCAD DWG, DXF files in MicroStation. Error Message: "Cannot locate a default SHX font. Please install msdefault.shx Program must now exit"


or this message:


Starting with MicroStation V8i, a new folder and variable (MS_FONTPATH) was added that points to the System Fonts folder:

V8i:    C:\ProgramData\Bentley\MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries)\WorkSpace\System\Fonts
CE:    C:\Program Files\Bentley\MicroStation CONNECT Edition\MicroStation\Default\Fonts
2023: C:\Program Files\Bentley\MicroStation 2023\MicroStation\Default\Fonts

This fonts folder contains the default fonts to be used when a font used in the drawing cannot be found. The configuration variable MS_FONTPATH should be pointing to this directory. The msdefault.shx font file should be located in these directories.


To open DWG or DXF files, it requires at least a "default" SHX font to display AutoCAD text. Ensure your MicroStation Workspace has the required files from the "default" Workspace.

You need to check the configuration variable (MS_FONTPATH) to verify that it is set correctly and then check the Fonts folder to verify that msdefault.shx file does exist, and the default fonts exist in the folder.

MicroStation V8i:

MicroStation CONNECT/2023

Go To File > Settings> Configuration > Configuration Variables.

The Default SHX font is defined in the font configuration file MstnFontConfig.xml

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