How to turn on/off View Display of Levels with a Key-in

 Version:V8, XM, V8i, CONNECT, 2023


How to turn on or off the View Display of levels with a key-in?


The "set levels on/off" key-in allows user to turn off the View Display of any level by name/number specification.
The syntax according to current MicroStation documentation is as follows:

Key-in: SET LEVELS < OFF | ON > [ level-spec ]

For example, to turn off level number 1, the key-in sytax would be: set levels off 1
Similarly, if you had a level name, say "Curb_Gutter", then the key-in syntax for the same thing would be: set levels off Curb_Gutter

To turn on/off all levels in the DGN (with exception to the current active level) through key-in type: set levels on/off all

Note that for these key-ins, you will be prompted to select the desired view to turn on/off levels in.
If you wish to implement this key-in within a batch routine, you can use the following syntax:

set levels on/off all;selview 1

This will turn off all levels in view 1.

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