Changing Element Display Order

 Version:V8i, CONNECT, 2023
 Subarea:Level Display


Elements in a 2D model are displayed based on draw order by default. If you place elements in a 2D model on top of one another, the element that was placed last will have display priority.
If you want to change the display order of elements, there are several ways to do this.


As an example, here are some some elements as drawn in a 2D model.

Option One - Bring to Front Tool

Select an element (in this case, the patterned element) and use the Bring to Front tool (Home Tab > Selection Ribbon Group > Bring to Front)


The selected element (patterned element) is now displayed on top

Option Two - Set Priority within Element Properties

Select an element (e.g. a single green line), select Properties, & look for the Priority property.
Set a priority specifically for that one element. Elements with higher Priority values will display on top of elements with lower priority values (default value is 0).

The Green Line with the higher priority value is now displayed on top of the other elements.

Option Three - Use Level Manager to Set Level Priority

In the Level Manager, setting a Level's Priority will change the entire level's display order.
All existing and new elements drawn on the level will be changed, but keep in mind, this will not change the indvidiual element Priority setting contained within the Properties dialog.

As you can see, the elements will now follow the Priority values that have been set in the Level Manager

You will need to make sure the Level Priority column is turned on within the Level Manager.
Right-click the column headers >toggle ON Priority


3D files are treated differently

You will not find Priority listed in a 3D model. 3D models are based on the Z-depth Elevation of Elements. If all of your elements are drawn to a specific elevation, your display is shown based on those elevations - the highest elements being on top.

If you are in a file that was originally a 2D model saved to 3D model or a 3D model drawn as 2D with all elements at zero elevation, you need to move the elements. You will want to manually move elements up or down in elevation to have them display correctly.

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