How to quickly find and collect Exception logs and Minidump files

 Version:V8 XM, V8i, CONNECT, 2023

How to find the location of the "ExceptionHistory" folder where Microstation Exception Logs and MiniDump files are created and stored.


The Exception Log files are stored in the "ExceptionHistory" folder and it is mandatory that this whole folder is gathered from the affected PC and sent to Bentley Technical Support in order to have a better chance of a successful analysis.

The ExceptionHistory folder can be generally found in the MicroStation Temporary Files folder. This location will change slightly depending on the version of MicroStation you are running:

Steps to Accomplish

To quickly find MicroStation's Temp folder:

Option 1: Locating the ExceptionHistory folder from Microstation key-in dialog

1. Start MicroStation (if it can be started by opening at least one design file, otherwise go to Option 2)

2. Open MicroStation’s Key-in panel (from menu Utilities > Key-in) and type the following string: $ % explorer $(MS_TMP)



This will open your temp folder in Windows Explorer, where the ExceptionHistory is located by default



Option 2: Using Windows Search

On the Windows operating system it should also be quite easy to search for the "ExceptionHistory" folder, should this not be stored with MicroStation's temp files as a result of WorkSpace customization or if MicroStation cannot be started.

Once you have found the "ExceptionHistory" folder, you can now zip the contents of this folder into a compressed zipped folder (.zip) and send to Bentley Global Technical Support for further review.

Location of the ExceptionHistory folders:

MicroStation V8i
Note: This folder “o_Dof88niaENmS1PChQ4Mg” can be different on your machine.

MicroStation CONNECT Edition

MicroStation 2023


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