Error: "The file type is not supported - [12]" when attaching Image using Raster Manager

 Environment: NA
 Area: Raster
 Subarea: NA


You get the below error message when trying to attach a Raster Image using Raster Manager.  If you are trying to attach *.Tiff. *.CIT for example.   You receive this error message because the *.Tiff file was converted from another file type to *.Tiff.  Previously the raster image had a different extension such as *.Cit for example.   We have made this change in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 10.17.02 for security precautions.  When MicroStation sees the file extension has been changed it displays the error message.   We have included a variable within the configuration variables to control this functionality.  You can edit this variable to allow the display of these type raster images.

This Wiki Article will help you resolve the issue for the below error message.

Steps to Accomplish

1. Open any dgn file and then Go to File >> Settings >> Configurations >> Configuration Variables.  

2. Search for and filter for the variable “MS_RASTER_FACTORYSCANON” and change the Value to “TRUE”.   By default we deliver this variable set to False.

 Original Author:Todd Moser