Popups and Recents Tabs Not Displaying

 Version:CONNECT, 2023
 Subarea:User Preferences


You can customize a delivered ribbon group pop-up, Customized the ribbon group Pop-up for <space> or even create a new ribbon group pop-up and assign a keyboard shortcut to it.


The customized Popups menu has more commands than the default menu. This can prevent the Popups and Recents tabs from displaying.

Here is the default:

Here’s an example custom Popups menu: Note the tabs are missing at the top.


Go to Preferences > Input and set Max Recent Icons to value of 10.

Use a few commands and then hit the spacebar on your keyboard.

Use the scroll button on your mouse to move between the Recents and Popups tabs.

The tabs will not display, but the scroll will at least allow you to access both.

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 Original Author:Regie Wallace