Printing transparent references- How to set 'Print Adjusted Colors' automatically on


Printing transparent references

How to set Print Adjusted Colors option automatically to be on?


If the references had set the Transparency value in the References dialog and the transparent effect should be visible on the print output, it was necessary to enable for every single reference the option Print Adjusted Colors accessed from References/ Properties/ Adjust Colors.
In the update 17 the new variable _USTN_PRINTADJUSTEDCOLORS was introduced. If the variable is set to 1 and the reference has set the Transparency value other than 0, it automatically turns on the Print Adjusted Colors option. 

Steps to Accomplish

  1. Go to Settings/ Configuration/ Configuration Variables
  2. In the Configuration Variables dialog create a new variable _USTN_PRINTADJUSTEDCOLORS with the value 1

  1. Save changes in the Personal.ucf and restart the software
  2. Observe the option Print Adjusted Colors will automatically turn on if the reference's Transparency is set

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