Setting Line Style Scale In MicroStation

 Version:V8, XM, V8i, CONNECT, 2023


Have you ever wondered how to set the Line Style scale in MicroStation V8 and later versions? There are multiple ways to do this:

  1. Global key-in
  2. Level Manager
  3. Scale for new custom lines
  4. Scale for existing custom lines
  5. Annotation scale

Global key-in

To set the scale globally, use this key-in: ACTIVE LINESTYLESCALE <scale value>

Level Manager

To set the scale for each level:

  1. Open the Level Manager (Home Tab > Primary Ribbon Group > Level Manager)
  2. Right click on the level name and select Properties.
  3. Select the Styles tab.
  4. Select either the Bylevel or the Overrides section.
  5. Check on the Scale option.
  6. Set the scale factor


To set the scale for new custom lines

  1. Open the Line Style Settings dialog (File > Settings > File > Line Style Settings)
  2. Toggle on the Scale factor setting
  3. Set the scale factor to the desired value


To change the scale on existing custom lines

1. Use the key-in: change linestyle scale <scale value> and press Enter.
For example, change linestyle scale 2

2. Select the lines to change with a data point (left-click), and then data-point click again to accept changes.

BEFORE (Linestyle scale set to 1)

AFTER (Linestyle scale set to 2)

*Note - You cannot see the line style scale of a reference file when in the master file. This is because the line style scale is uniquely stored in the master file as well as the reference file.
Use the ACTIVE LINESTYLESCALE key-in in both files to ensure the line style scale matches in the files.

If you use the key-in without placing a value at the end, the message center will show the current value. After finding the value for the reference file go back into the master file and change the active scale to match that of the reference file. Please note that the custom lines in the master file will also be affected by this change.

Annotation Scale

Go to the Models dialog (Home Tab > Primary Ribbon Group > Models dialog) and then go to Model Properties. Change the "Line Style Scale" property to "Annotation Scale". This allows the changing of the active annotation scale in the current model to change the line style scale of custom line styles.

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