Image View


Image View is useful tool for spatial visualization of sensors on top of an uploaded image that provide real time readings as they are received. 

This article will cover the following topics: 

Adding an Image View

1.  Click on the Map Overview module

2.  Click Image View to navigate to the Image View module 

3.  Click the   use the slide out tab to add a profile to Image View. You will be prompted to create a profile name and upload an image. Maximum file size is 12MB. We support the following file formats: jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, gif

Once created, you will be ready to overlay sensors upon your image

Customizing Image View

4.  Click on the     button to open the Sensor Selection tool. Once added, the user can move the sensor anywhere on the page to represent where it is.

5.  Click the gear icon to open sensor settings that will be applied to all sensors in your image view.

 : Click the magnifying glass icon to open the Sensor Selection Tool and add/remove sensors from the current profile

Marker Size: Adjust the size of the sensor icons

Show Values / Hide Values: Toggling this option will show the latest reading for each sensor above it's Icon

Names: Toggling this button will add each sensor's Name below it's icon

Show Types: Select this to open the Sensor Visibility Tool

This tool allows you to choose which types of sensors are currently shown on the map by metric type. Move sensors to the visible side to allow them to be viewed and move sensors to the hidden side to temporarily hide them. 

Opacity: Adjusts the opacity of the sensor icons.

 : Pressing this option will align the icons

6.  Sensor Tool Tips: Hover over any of the sensor icons to open individual sensor tool tips. Here, you will find specific sensor settings related to the one selected. You are able to change the metric type displayed and subsequently metric related settings. Click the icon to lock the tooltip open.