Adding a Thread as a Connection


The Thread is a cell and radio or radio-enabled plug and play data aggregation instrument that is used to power and connect any sensemetrics integrated device. The Thread will automatically create a Mesh node network to transfer data to the cloud as a gateway or connect to a gateway Thread as an endpoint, using the Gateway Thread to transmit data to the cloud.

Here, we will review how to add a Thread to your iTwin IoT application. First, make sure you have properly set up your Thread network and the LED is flashing green, indicating that the Thread has connected to the cloud. If the Thread is radio-only, this may mean that a cell-enabled gateway Thread must also be installed.


Adding a Thread as a Connection


1. Connectivity Page- Navigate to the Connectivity Module.

2. Add Connection- Press the "+Connection" button in the Connections Column

3. Connection Selection

If adding a Worldsensing Thread:

3A- Select Worldsensing on the left side options bar.

3B- Click the "Select" icon below the Thread symbol.


If adding a Sensemetrics Thread:

3A- Select Sensemetrics on the left side options bar.

3B- Click the "Select" icon belwo the Thread symbol.

4. Entering Thread Connect Code


Find and enter the 6-digit Connect Code of the Thread. This code is located on the silver label on the back of the Thread. The location is highlighted in the image below. Click "Next" after entering the Connect Code.

Congratulations, you have successfully added a Thread to the asset. Sensor devices can now be plugged into the Thread and added to the iTwin IoT application.