Thread Network Roles


Getting your network up and running on the sensemetrics platform is easy.  We recommend configuring your network before beginning installation on a project. Begin by unpacking your Threads, we recommend plugging your Thread in using the Ethernet adaptor provided with your sensemetrics Thread.  However, this is not necessary if you have a cellular Thread that can connect straight to the cloud using wireless cellular communication.  Simply power on the Thread using the power button, and then log on to your sensemetrics account and add the connection to your project.  Please see adding a Thread as a connection for more information on this. 

This article will cover the following topics: 

Gateway Threads

The Thread will operate in the role of a gateway when it is connected to a broadband Internet connection via Ethernet or cellular services. All cellular models will prioritize use of a cabled Internet connection, but will fall back to cellular service if the primary connection is interrupted. Reversing this priority is configurable in the Thread settings.

Thread devices configured with the optional active wireless mesh transceiver and operating in the role of a gateway, will serve as a wireless access point for any other Thread devices in proximity that also have the wireless mesh transceiver.  

Gateways can host up to 25 wireless endpoint devices depending on many factors, including: 

1) Distance between gateway and endpoint 

2) Signal strength 

3) RF noise in proximity 

4) Sampling frequency 

5) Configured sensor data rate 

Installing additional Thread devices as gateways will automatically provide load balancing and redundancy for proximal Thread devices operating as endpoints. Gateway Threads will fall back and operate as an endpoint if internet uplink is disrupted and additional gateways are operating in proximity. 

Endpoint Threads

After setting up at least one Gateway Thread that connects directly to the network, you can connect additional Endpoint Threads. Endpoint Threads are not required to connect via a cabled network connection or internal cellular transceiver. Instead, Endpoints will connect to the cloud through neighboring gateway Thread devices using active wireless mesh. Endpoints will automatically negotiate a secure wireless connection - either directly through the closest gateway or by hopping through other endpoints. Up to three hops can be made to access a gateway.