Performing a Hard Reset on a Strand


In certain circumstances, a Strand may require a reset in order to re-start or complete Strand connectivity to a nearby Gateway Thread. This article will provide a step-by-step guide to completing the Strand reset.

Prior to completing a Strand reset, please ensure that the connection steps outlined in the Strand set-up steps of the Strand Overview article to allow the Strand the best opportunity to reconnect to a Gateway Thread following the reset.

This article will cover the following topics: 

Resetting a Strand Device

Step 1: Open Strand and Remove Batteries

Open the Strand's front cover by unscrewing the three Torx screws on the front cover. The Strand will appear as illustrated in the image below. Remove both batteries from their retaining clips. This is a good time to check the batteries or replace the batteries as needed. Please note that Strands can only use D-cell Lithium batteries.

Step 2: Discharge Remaining Power

Hold down the "CONSL" button in the middle-left side of the circuit board. While holding down the "CONSL" button, repeatedly press the "RST" button on the middle-right side of the circuit board 10-15 times. The illustration above highlights the location of these buttons.

Step 3: Install Batteries

Take note of the polarity signs on the circuit board. Ensuring proper polarity direction, install the new or existing batteries back into their retaining clips.

Step 4: Reconnection to Gateway Thread

After the Strand has been reset and powered back on, the Strand will begin seeking a connection to a nearby Gateway Thread. For troubleshooting connection and LED status while the Strand reconnects, please visit the Strand LED Status and Strand Overview articles.