How to generate ProcMon logs


How to generate ProcMon logs


Microsoft Process Monitor is an advanced monitoring tool for Windows that shows and can capture real-time: File, Registry, Permissions (used/denied), and Process (thread activity and call stacks).

Steps to Accomplish

1.  Follow the link below to download the latest version of Microsoft Process Monitor:

2.  Right click the file and click Extract All to extract files to the same folder you are in.

3.  Run the Procmon.exe file and accept agreement.

4.  Click the Capture button to stop the capture.

5.  Click the Clear button to clear everything.

6.  When ready to reproduce the issue, click the Capture button.

7.  Start MicroStation and reproduce the problem.

8.  Once the problem is reproduced and has been recorded, click the Capture button to Stop the capture.

9.  NOTE:  It is very important to Save and Send the capture in this manner:
    •  Save "All Events"
    •  Save in "PML" format
    •  Zip the PML file and any other data requested
    •  Upload the file as instructed. e.g. Use Bentley's Secure Upload process
    •  Lastly, Notify the person you are working with when the log is available to review


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