Wrong Characters for Degree Symbol



Wrong character displaying for degree symbol

In MicroStation V8i dimensions using a resource font show a wrong character as degree symbol.

In MicroStation XM and in previous versions, the correct character was used, depending on the value for Degree Display Char in

Workspace > Preferences>Text category.

Changing this value in MicroStation V8i does not seem to make a difference.


Edit font configuration file

MicroStation V8i allows more control over the use of fonts by means of a font configuration file.

This file is by default called MstnFontConfig.xml and located in the system font directory, Workspace\System\Fonts.

The name and location of this file are configured in the MS_FONTCONFIGFILE configuration variable.

Each font in the RSC file consists of cells, each representing a character. Each character has a number. MicroStation's MstnFontConfig.xml is telling MicroStation to use the special character that equals to the number specified.

To identify the symbol location, use the font editor in MicroStation V7 or V8 to find out what character number matches the symbol. Then modify the MstnFontConfig.xml accordingly.

Example: Entering the following information in the section of the Font configuration file configures resource font "samplefont" to use character 250 as the degree symbol

After changing the font configuration file, it is advisable to delete the corresponding temporary fonts used for the Word Processor.

To open folder with temporary True Type fonts for the Word Processor key-in: "$ %explorer $(MS_TMP)GeneratedTTFonts".

MicroStation loads RSC font, it creates a temporary true type equivalent of the RSC font in the temp folder, and the RSC font will not display the changes made to the MstnFontConfig.xml file before those temporary files have been removed.

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