Key-in: show configuration

 Version:CONNECT, 2023

The Situation

Have you ever wanted to view extended configuration information but did not want to run a debug?


Access configuration information more quickly and easily from within MicroStation by using the show configuration key-in.

As an alternate to running a MicroStation debug, the show configuration key-in can provide basic configuration information from within the application. This can be used to quickly verify the current value of various configuration variables such as MS_CELL, MS_DGNLIBLIST, MS_SEEDFILES and more.

To use the show configuration key-in:

  1. From within MicroStation, open the Key-in Window (Drawing > Home > Primary > Key-in).
  2. In the Key-in Window, type the following: show configuration
  3. Press <Enter> on the keyboard to invoke the key-in.

A text file is generated (configVariables.txt) and displayed within your default text editor. This file may then be saved, if desired, to the location of your choosing.

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 Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group