Reference attachment is red.

 Version:V8i, CONNECT, 2023


Reference attachment is red.
My reference files are not showing up when I open a file.

Product: MicroStation
Version: V8, V8i and Connect
Area: Reference


If reference is RED (not resolved) in reference dialog:
Reason A: Reference is not in the search path.
Reason B: Reference was deleted or does not exist.

If Reference is not red (resolved) but not visible:
Reference attachment may have a clip boundary and the elements in
Reference file have been moved outside the clip boundary.
-Delete Clip boundaries to check and reclip reference as needed.

If Reference does not show up in Reference dialog:
The Active file is 2D, but a 3D file with the same name as the desired
reference is being found before the desired 2D file (V7 files only).
-Check the found path and compare it to the desired 2D reference file's

You can point the variable MS_RFDIR to point to the desire location to find your reference files.

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