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The .pgp file is a text document that contains 240 shortcut commands used in AutoCAD. These shortcut commands allow the AutoCAD user to enter the corresponding letter or group of letters in the command line to initiate a tool, rather than searching for and selecting the corresponding tool icon. For example, enter the letter "c" in the command line, and the place circle tool is initiated.

While MicroStation has always had the key-in browser that functions in much the same way, many users have requested the ability to use these AutoCAD commands in MicroStation. Support for these files was implemented in MicroStation V8.1. The user now need only enter the required prefix and the corresponding letter in the key-in browser to initiate the tool. For example, entering \c will initiate the Place Circle tool. (It should be noted that not all 240 native AutoCAD shortcut commands work in MicroStation.)

The prefix must be used in the key-in to differentiate between a MicroStation command and an AutoCAD .pgp file command. By default, the prefix is "\". This can be changed by the user by going to Workspace > Configuration > DWG/DXF > DWG Command prefix. You can change the "\" to almost anything you wish.

The .pgp file to be used is controlled by the MS_DWG_PGPFILE variable. By default, this variable points to the AutoCAD\Support directory if AutoCAD is installed on the computer. If it is not installed, or if you wish to use a different .pgp file, reset this variable to point to the .pgp file that is to be used.

Important Note: MicroStation does supports the use of these files now, however, Bentley and its affiliates WILL NOT supply users with a .pgp file. These are strictly AutoCAD files that are merely supported in MicroStation.

Along with the AutoCAD commands, MicroStation commands may also be added to the .pgp file for use in MicroStation. To create a shortcut key-in for this command, open the .pgp file. In the list of shortcuts and commands, you will notice the shortcut command followed by a comma, then the corresponding command prefixed with *. Note that the Circle command shortcut looks like this: C, *CIRCLE Thus, \C entered into the key-in will start the Place Circle tool.

This format should be followed for any MicroStation commands to be added with one exception. Instead of the * prefix, the MicroStation key-in command should be enclosed in quotes and the * is not used, but word spaces may be used. For example, the MicroStation key-in used to open the Level Display dialog box is leveldisplay dialog open. To add a shortcut for this command, add the following line to the list of shortcuts in the .pgp file: LD, "LEVELDISPLAY DIALOG OPEN"

Save the file and start MicroStation. In the key-in browser enter \LD. The Level Display dialog box will open. You may choose any combination of letters for the shortcut as long as that letter or letters is not already defined in the .pgp file.

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