How to Select an element by its ID number

 Version(s):V8i, CONNECT, 2023

How to select an element by its ID number?

Steps to Accomplish

Option 1 Use a Key-in

Open the Key-in dialog (Drawing > Home > Primary > Key-in)

Enter the Key-in element info byelemid ** (where ** is the Element ID number required).

Example: element info byelemid 510

After the Key-in is run (press Enter key), the specified element will be selected and the Properties window will open and display the properties.


Option 2 Use MicroStation's Explorer Feature

1. Open Explorer (Drawing > Home > Primary > Explorer)

2. In the 'File' section's Search field, enter the Element ID # and click Search. Note that search criteria can be added to filter the search by expanding the Query Builder (stacked downward-facing arrows icon) and adding more criteria.

3. Expand the Explorer search results and select the Element

The Explorer Advanced Search feature can also be used 

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