How do you change the line length setting for a placed text node in MicroStation V8i?

 Version:V8i, CONNECT, 2023


How do you change the line length setting for a placed text node in current versions of MicroStation? This setting has been removed from the Change Text Attributes tool.


Line Length is a property which predates the Word Wrapping functionality that is available within the Text Editor. The functionality it provides is valid for fixed width fonts while word wrap caters to both. In V8i and later versions, the functionality provided by word wrap needs to be used. In case the need to modify this property arises it is available in the advanced tab of textstyle dialog. Editing the text and changing the property in the textstyle interface will modify this value for individual text node.

To change line length:
1. Edit placed text node
2. Go the textstyle dialog by selecting the text styles button on the Edit Text tool settings
3. Go to the spacing section under the Advance tab
4. Change the value of the line length. You will see immediate change applied in the word processor text editor
5. Modify text and accept changes by clicking left mouse button.

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 Original Author:Regie Wallace