How to save DWG settings for opening and saving DWG files

 Version:V8i, CONNECT Edition, 2023

Problem Description

How to store DWG settings for opening and saving DWG files?


The DWG settings are stored in *.dws file.

This file contains settings for opening and saving DWG files.

In the Save As DWG Options dialog, select the settings needed, and use the Save icon in the Save As DWG / DXF options dialog.

This will save the file in DWS format.

The configuration variable MS_DWGSETTINGSFILE will then need to be set, to point to the location of the DWS file:

In V8i: Workspace > Configuration > MS_DWGSETTINGSFILE

In CONNECT Edition/2023: File > Settings > Configuration > Configuration Variables

Now, anytime a file is saved to a DWG, this settings file will be used.

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 Original Author:Derval Canny