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Microsoft Windows® (see Requirements for specific details)



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Release Notes

For information about Power ProStructures V8i enhancements, see the Release Notes in the online help document (Power ProStructures V8i online documentation must be installed). To open the help document, open the Documentation product group and double-click the Power ProStructures V8i icon. To access the help document from within Power ProStructures V8i, choose Help > ProSteel or Help > ProConcrete Help. After you open the help document, navigate to the release notes as follows:

  1. In the table of contents (left-hand) pane, click the expand (+) button for the topic "What's New?"
  2. Click the topic "What's New in Power ProStructures V8i (SELECTseries 7)".

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Installation Notes

Power ProStructures V8i  is designed so it can be installed and safely coexist on the same workstation with an existing Bentley Building V8i or V8 XM Edition Commercial Release applications (such as Bentley Architecture, Bentley Structural Modeler , Bentley Building Mechanical Systems and Bentley Building Electrical Systems). It will not attempt to upgrade or uninstall an existing commercial release, and by default it installs its program and workspace files to different locations than the commercial release. When you install Power ProStructures V8i v08.11.11.616 it creates the registry keys for VBA-initiated launching. Windows architecture allows for only one program to own these registry keys and the existing Bentley Building V8 XM Edition Commercial Releases should continue to function normally by default.

Power ProStructures V8i v08.11.11.616 and any previous Bentley Building V8 XM Edition Commercial Releases installed on a Microsoft Window 7 Operating System, require the Windows User Access Control (UAC) setting to be set to “Never notify”. Previous XM Edition applications are not certified for Windows 7, therefore they do not support User Account Controls. Please be aware that this is the least secure setting and your computer is open to potential security risks. Consult the Windows 7 documentation for more information concerning User Access Control

Power ProStructures V8i *should not* be installed on the same workstation as an existing Power ProStructures V8i v08.11.xx Technology Preview (“beta”) release(s). Installing Power ProStructures V8i over an existing Power ProStructures V8i v8.11.xx beta installation can cause incompatibilities and data loss. You must uninstall the beta release, and then install the commercial release. Install Bentley Structural to a separate directory. You should always back up your data prior to installation.

Power ProStructures SS7 ( release is a newer version of SS7 (, hence any existing SS7 installation should be uninstalled first before proceeding with the new installation.

Therefore it is advisable to backup any customized files before uninstalling the existing version.

Design files created with Power ProStructures SS7 ( can be viewed with MicroStation CONNECT and are compatible with Navigator and ProjectWise CONNECT.

Power ProStructures is only upward compatible, dgn files are automatically converted/upgraded to the new version, once upgraded, Power ProStructures objects will no longer display correctly if opened on any prior version of the software. Therefore it is advisable to make a backup copy if opening the file in its earlier version is anticipated.

For additional information on installing Power ProStructures V8i, see the Power ProStructures V8i QuickInstall Guide.

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Power ProStructures V8i and Color Depth

For optimal performance, graphics display color depth should be set to 24-bit or higher. When using a color depth setting of 16-bit, some inconsistencies may be noted.

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