ProStructures CONNECT for AutoCAD Quick Install Guide

ProStructures CONNECT for AutoCAD Quickinstall Guide

This document contains the following sections:

Before you start

To install this Product

  1. In an Explorer window, double-click the ProStructures CONNECT setup executable. The ProStructures CONNECT Installer dialog opens.

The files are extracted

  1. From the dropdown select AutoCAD_64, then click Start Setup
  2. Select the language to be used by the installation wizard, then click ok

The End-User License Agreement page opens.

  1. After reading the license agreement, select the "I accept the terms of the License Agreement" option if you understand and agree to the License Agreement Terms and Conditions. Click Cancel if you decline the License Agreement Terms and Conditions. Note that agreeing to the license agreement is required in order to install the product.
  2. (Optional) Click Print to print the license agreement.
  3. Click Next in the License Agreement page
  4. Select all desired language packs to be installed, then Click Next
  5. Select all desired localization data sets to be installed, then Click Next
  6. Select AutoCAD version, then Click Next
  7. (Optional) To change the folder where the product will be installed, click the Browse button. In the Browse for Folder page that opens, browse to the drive and folder you want to install the product, then click OK.
  8. Click Next in the Choose Destination Location page
  9. Click Next in the Welcome to the ProStructures CONNECT installation for AutoCAD 2019  page
  10. Same as step #7 and #8
  11. (Optional) change desktop shortcut name, then click Next
  12. Click Finish to exit the ProStructures CONNECT Setup Wizard.

The ProStructures CONNECT for AutoCAD installation is complete.

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