ProStructures Plug-in for Bentley Products

 Environment: N/A
 Area: Object Enabler
 Subarea: N/A
 Original Author:Darius Rimasauskas, Bentley Technical Support Group

Error or Warning Message

Opening later version of ProStructures model you may see elements in wireframe or as boxes instead of shapes. MicroStation Message Center shows alert message of missing Object Enablers:
One or more Object Enablers is missing


By default MicroStation (Bentley i-model Composer, Bentley Navigator, Bentley View etc.) installs with it a “Bentley – Autodesk RealDWG” component. But if later version of ProStructures is used user may need to upgrade their ProStructures Object Enabler for RealDWG component.

How to Avoid

ProStructures Plug-in for Bentley Products” is for users who have older version of MicroStation but want to see ProSteel/ProStructures objects in MicroStation.

ProStructures Plug-in for Bentley Products” updates “Bentley – Autodesk RealDWG” component. It is a ProStructures Object Enabler for MicroStation and suites as well for other Bentley powerplatform programs those uses “Bentley – Autodesk RealDWG” component: Bentley i-model Composer, Bentley Navigator, Bentley View etc.

In Bentley Software Fulfillment center downloads site search for “ProStructures Plug-in for Bentley Products”:

Download and install the latest available version:

One can choose any product here to get the Plugin, type the name in and choose in the flyout

One can download the required version like of the Plugin which is needed for Drawings under any Bentley Power versions and pure MicroStation.

1. The version is backwards compatible.
2. The latest version of ProStructures Plug-in for Bentley Product is

Download Link

1. ProStructures Plug In for Bentley Products (v08.11.14.223)
2. ProStructures Plug In for Bentley Products (v08.11.14.195)