ProStructures / ProSteel Object enabler

 Product(s):ProStructures / ProSteel
 Version(s):CONNECT Edition / V8i
 Original Author:Roger Belen, Bentley Product Advantage Group


Users who only have AutoCAD but want to see ProSteel/ProStructures objects in AutoCAD you can do this by having an Object Enabler installed in your machine.

You would need to choose the Object enabler that is the same version that the file was originally created.

Contact the source if you are unsure what version the file was created.  

Steps to Accomplish

  1. Go to Fulfillment Center
    Bentley View download

  2. Download Object Enabler depending on AutoCAD Version you are using. for AutoCAD 2015 / 16, for AutoCAD 2010 to
    AutoCAD 2014.

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