Suppress Connected Projects Dialog

Product(s):ProStructures CONNECT for AutoCAD
Original Author:Sandip Kar, Facilities Engineering


In former ProStructures for AutoCAD Versions, there was an issue with Project Association Dialog. Every time user used to launch the application and create a new drawing or open an existing drawing, Project Association dialog got appeared, which was irritating and also wastage of time. 

In our latest ProStructures CONNECT for AutoCAD Update 1, this issue got resolved for the new drawings. One new option is introduced in ProSteel Options which suppress this dialog open up.


In ProStructures CONNECT for AutoCAD Update 1, one new option "Project association dialog at Startup" is introduced which controls this dialog open up. Please follow the below steps to know more about on this.

1. Open ProSteel Options by right click ProSteel > Options and look into the Options page


2. In Options page, one new option is added "Project association dialog at Startup" which by default is kept as disabled. By enabling this Project Association dialog will reappears.

**Please note that this is applicable only for New Drawings creation. For the already existing drawings, this dialog will appear.