ProStructures V8i (SELECTseries 8 update 2) QuickInstall Guide

This document contains the following sections:

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Before you start


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Note: To discontinue installing the product at any time, click Cancel.

To install this Product

  1. In a Windows Explorer window, double-click the ProStructures V8i set-up executable.
    The ProStructures V8i Installer dialog opens.
  2. Select the option for the operation you would like to perform:

By default, the installation package will be extracted to C:\BentleyDownloads\______________________, as shown in the Extract to this folder field.

  1. (Optional) To change the location to which the installation package is extracted:


The installation dialog box remains open in the background.

The End-User License Agreement page opens.

Note that agreeing to the license agreement is required in order to install the product.

The Destination Folder page opens. This page shows the destination directory folders where the product is installed. This page is for informational purpose only

The Configure Shortcuts page opens. This is where you select which shortcuts and locations to install.

The Setup Type page opens. Here you can select whether you want to install a Typical or Custom setup.

The Product Features page opens. Here you can select which features you want to install. There are four categories of features: ProStructures V8i Required components, Required Dataset, Bentley SpacePlanner, and Structural Required components

A confirmation message appears when the installation is successfully completed.

A program group is created for this product. If you chose to use the Product Activation Wizard in the previous step, The Product Activation Wizard will automatically start.

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NOTE: Log files - When you install the application following log files are created:

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Command Line Options for Running Setup.exe in the Deployment Image

The following command line options are valid for running the Setup.exe in the deployment image:

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NOTE: If you uninstall this product through Add/Remove Programs, any files that you created subsequent to the installation of the product will not be deleted. It is recommended that you use Windows Explorer to locate and delete these files, if you so desire.

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