Silent installation of ProStructures CONNECT Edition

 Version(s):10.XX.00.XX CONNECT Edition
 Original Author:Mihir Patil, Bentley Product Advantage Group


Many times, user wants to perform the installation on a greater number of machines, in absence of internet connection and without set of pre-requisites.
In such case silent installation becomes helpful. This wiki contains detailed information and steps related to silent installation of ProStructures CONNECT Edition


To perform the silent installation, one needs to create a deployment image. Please find the steps regarding creation of Deployment image:

A) Creating a Deployment image:

The deployment image is created by a system administrator to install the application with the same installation configuration on multiple machines.
The installation configuration includes the installation location, features, shortcuts, and so on. Once created, you will be able to double-click the
Setup_ProStructuresx64_10.XX.XX.XX.exe file located in the deployment image folder to install the application with the defined configuration without
the need of any user interaction or internet connection for component downloads.

1.  Open Windows Command Prompt and change the active directory to the location of the ProStructures installation executable file on your computer or network drive.

2.  Input or copy\paste the executable's complete file name with extension followed by "/layout" (example shown below)

3. The ProStructures layout creation wizard will then open

4. (Optional)To do Companion Installations (Companion Feature or Companion Product) along with ProStructures, do the following:
a.Turn on the check box for the desired Companion Installation.
b. (Optional)Click Configure for the selected Companion Installation. The layout creation wizard displays the configuration settings for the selected Companion Installation.
c. (Optional)Make the desired configuration settings and return to the layout creation wizard main page.

5. (Optional)To make changes to the default ProStructures Configuration:
a.Click the Configure button next to ProStructures CONNECT Edition. The Application Install Location page opens.

6. To change the path where ProStructures is installed, click the Browse button next to the Application Path field and browse to the drive\folder where you want ProStructures to install to, then click OK.
7. Click Next. The Configuration page opens.

8. To change the path of Delivered Configuration, click the Browse button next to the Configuration Path field and browse to the drive\folder where you want to install the default Configuration,
then click OK.

9. To set up a Custom Configuration, select the Custom Configuration (plus Delivered Configuration) radio button identified below. Click the Browse button next to the Custom Configuration 
field and browse to the drive\folder for your Custom Configuration and click OK.

10. Now Deployment image settings page will open and from this list select the No UI mode for silent installation .

11. NO UI mode Installs the application automatically in silent mode (the installation user interface is not displayed) using the options and configurations defined when the deployment image was created.
12. To change the deployment image location, click the Browse button next to the Deployment Image Location path and browse to the drive\folder you want the product to be installed in, then click next
After this, select the features and desired data-sets while installing and Click Finish to exit the ProStructures layout creation wizard.

By following above steps, Silent installation of ProStructures can be successfully performed.