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The procedure on how to add a Bevel Symbol when Detailing in ProSteel. 


How to add a Bevel Symbol in ProSteel when Detailing.

Using the ProSteel Detail Styles in the 2D Detail Center, it is possible to add a Bevel Symbol if you follow these steps bellow.

    1. From the Edit Detail Style dialog box, Under: Dimensions > Common > you can set your Bevel Reference value from the Dimension line options.

 b. Under: Dimensions > Single Part > Add a Dimension group by selecting Total dimensions right cilcking > Dimension groups > Add modification.



 c. Once step 2 is done The Add dimensions group dialog box will open. From there, choose Cut Angle as your Group Type and click on the check mark button.

d. Now select the Cut Angle group that you have created and set the option Bevel symbol under Associate with Object.


Now refresh the Detail Style and you should see the Bevel symbol appear in the preview or in the 2D Detail Block.  


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