How to change the Shape Definition file of Bar Factory Settings in ProConcrete Positioning

 Product(s):Power ProStructure
 Version(s):V8i (version number)
 Area:Concrete Positioning
Original AuthorSandip Kar, Bentley Product Advantage Group


After defining the Shape Definition in Bar Factory Setting in Concrete Positioning, it gets locked for further browsing.

If you see in the picture the Browse option of Shape Definition is deactivated in bar Factory Settings Dialog, 


To unlock this Browse button, the following Key-in command to be run which will clear the previous bar definition and will allow to user to browse.

mdl command PCX_TEST

In CE Edition its

Proconcrete delete Barmarks

If you have refreshed or changed the code please use

Please Key-in

proconcrete manage refreshcodes

This should will update your code.