Product(s):ProStructures, ProjectWise
 Version(s):CONNECT Edition (10.XX.00.XX)
 Area:ProjectWise Integration
 Subarea:ProjectWise Dynamic Managed WorkSpace
 Original Author:Vyanktesh Nama, Bentley Product Advantage Group


In this step, we are going to test and validate whether ProStructures application is properly integrated with ProjectWise or not.

Steps to be follow

Please follow the below steps to achieve this.

1. To test or validate your integration, in ProjectWise Explorer, copy a ProStructures DGN from local folder to ProjectWise project in below folder path…pw:\\<server name>:<datasource name>Documents\PSCE_Managed_Configuration\WorkSpaces\USA_Canada_Metric\WorkSets\ExampleMetric\Dgn.

2. Set the file to be associated to the ProStructures application. This can be achieved by selecting the DGN file in ProjectWise Explorer, then selecting the Modify option from the right-click menu.

3. In the Modify document dialog, select ProStructures from the dropdown list under "Application:" Select OK to complete the association.

4. Double click on the DGN file to open it. If it is properly configured, you should see the Manage Configuration Export Progress dialog, indicating the initial workspace download.

Note: Errors in the first three tasks usually are the result of an error in the application definition or association. Please validate the application definition in the ProjectWise Administrator.

In this way, we can test and validate whether ProStructures application is properly integrated with ProjectWise or not.

Note: Opening a managed WorkSet/Project or application the first time will require ProjectWise to download the workspace and datasets locally, which can take 5 minutes or more the first time, depending on your connection speed and size of your workspace and dataset. Please be patient, subsequent loads will have much faster load times. In many cases, you will experience performance better than that of loading the same design file from a typical LAN server or shared network drive.

From within the ProStructures application, you can verify you are successfully using a ProjectWise Manage Configuration by selecting File > Settings > Configuration > About Configuration from the Backstage. You should be presented with a ProjectWise Manage WorkSpace dialog, similar to what is displayed below.

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