Member is not getting stretched to a certain point

Version(s):V8i / CONNECT Edition
Original AuthorSandip Kar, Product Advancement Group

Problem Description

While trying to stretch the beam or column along its length, the member is not getting stretched and moving the whole shape.

Steps to resolve

There are two options to lengthen the shape and those are either by using Microststion Stretch command or enabling the handles in Element Selection. These options are explained below.

Option - 1 : Using Microststion Stretch command

1. In V8i Power ProStructures  >>> Go to Task menu and under Manipulate Task bar, go to Stretch Command. make a fence and then drag this fence. The area covered inside the fence will be stretched along your direction of drag.



2. In CONNECt Edition >>> This tool can be found under Steel Workflow, Steel > Utilities > Common Tools

Option - 2: Enabling Shape handle

Enable shape handles in Element Selection dialog and then when you stretch that handle the shape will be lengthen accordingly.