How to insert workframe in an existing model?

 Version(s):V8i and CONNECT Edition
 Original Author:Mihir Patil, Bentley Product Advantage Group


With the help of Workframe tool, one can insert the workframe in an existing model which doesn’t contain any workframe. To know this process, please follow the steps below in this wiki which will guide you to insert workframe in an existing model.


1.  In the existing model, place the ACS at any corner of the model. To move ACS, use Move ACS option from Drawing Aids tab and place ACS at corner of model as shown below.

2. Now, click on the workframe tool from the home tab and place the workframe at the ACS position.

3. After placing the workframe, Workframe settings dialogue will open. Under the layout tab, uncheck these dimension boxes so that these drop-downs will get activated.

4. Drop-down for any one of the dimension and hover over any value and press ctrl + left click.

5. This will allow us to select the objects in which we want to place the workframe. We will select the all necessary columns in which workframe needs to be included. ( Hold ctrl while selecting each column).

6. After the selection, press accept. You will see workframe inserted in the model.

In this way, with the help of workframe tool one can insert the workframe in an existing model.

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