How to add prefixes for Position Numbers of Groups, Sub Groups, and Assemblies

 Version(s):CONNECT Edition
 Original Author:Mihir Patil, Bentley Product Advantage Group


In this wiki, we will learn how to apply prefix for position numbers of Groups, Sub Groups and Assemblies. Many users require the prefixes as they have unique position number format for their groups, subgroups etc.

This wiki will explain you to how to add such prefixes (as shown above) in the position numbers.


For Demonstration purposes, in this wiki, the steps for adding prefix for Group Positioning are shown. Similar steps will be there for adding prefixes for Sub Group and assembly position numbers.

1. To add the prefix to the position numbers, first, under steel workflow navigate to the Data/Reporting>Positioning.

2. In the Positioning dialog, click on the ‘Steel Positioning’ tab, and under it, click on the button ‘Options for automatic positioning’ (Refer to the image below for better understanding)

3. This will open the Positioning and Comparison Rules dialog and now click on the Prefixes tab.

4. In the prefixes tab, you can set the prefixes for Groups, Subgroups, and Assembly position numbers.

5. Here, for demonstration purposes, I will set the Prefix for Group positioning number as GF-100-1. One can specify different prefixes for a column, beam, and other parts as well.

6. Similarly, can be set in the case of Sub Groups and Assemblies in their respective options.

7. Once the prefixes are set then click on the ok button and apply the position numbers to elements and check the numbers.

In this way, the desired prefixes can be added to Groups, Subgroups, and Assembly position Numbers in ProSteel CONNECT Edition.