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How do I move or copy items from one catalog to another?

Steps to Accomplish

Option 1 - When both catalogs can be accessed by the user

  1. Open [[Catalog Manager]].

  2. Select items in Families, Symbols, Macros, or Title Blocks group in the source catalog.  Use the mouse and Shift or Ctrl keys to select multiple items.  Ctrl+A works to "select all:.

  3. Right-click the selection and select Cut or Copy, or use the buttons for Cut and Copy along the right side of Catalog Manager.

  4. Right-click the same group (Families, Symbols, Macros, or Title Blocks) in the destination catalog and select Paste, or select the group in the destination catalog and use the Paste button along the right side of Catalog Manager.

Note: Items cannot be copied from or pasted to Categories when transferring to another catalog.  After the items are in the destination catalog, drag them from the Symbols or Macros group to a category to add them to that category.  Items can exist in more than one category.

Option 2 - When the destination catalog belongs to user 2 and cannot be accessed by user 1

  1. User 1 exports the desired items or entire catalog. See [[Export Catalog]].
  2. User 1 provides the resulting .CTLG file(s) to user 2.
  3. User 2 [[Import Catalog|imports the catalog]], choosing to import the catalog's contents to an existing catalog if desired.

See Also

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