ProStructure Reload References - ProStructures Key-in Command

 Version(s):CONNECT Edition (10.XX.00.XX)
 Area:Key-in Commands
 Subarea:ProStructures Key-in
 Original Author:Vyanktesh Nama, Bentley Product Advantage Group


In this wiki, we are going to learn about one of the ProStructures key-in commands i.e. ProStructure Reload References. This key-in will update and reload all of your shape databases.

This Key-in can be used in the following cases to avoid any warnings or alert messages-

Steps to be follow

Please follow the below steps to achieve this.

1. Navigate and left click on the Key-in button, located at Home > Common Tools > Key-in, or simply search it in the Search Ribbon at the right top corner.

2. Now, type ProStructure Reload References in the key-in dialog and then hit enter key.

3. Now, all the shapes databases will get reloaded for all of the shapes in the model. In the Message Center dialog, we can see which shapes are reloaded and which are not.

In this way, we can reload and update shape databases for all of the shapes in the model.

Note: If any shape does not get reloaded then one warning message will appear “Can’t Reload Shape Reference” in the Message Center which means there is no such shape class and shape size available in a particular shape database file.

This may happen when we open a design file that is modeled by any other person who has his own customized shape database file.
To fix this, you need to replace the existing database file with the customized database file and then again use the same key-in.

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