Error - Invalid catalog file

 Product(s):Promis.e, Bentley Substation
 Area:Component Management
 Subarea:Catalog Manager

Error or Warning Message

"Invalid catalog file" message appears when trying to [[Import Catalog|import a catalog]] with the To Existing Catalog check box set. The catalog imports without error when To Existing Catalog is not set.

How to Avoid

Option 1 - Compact & Repair catalog.mdb

  1. Use Microsoft Access to open the catalog.mdb file in the source catalog.

  2. Use the Compact & Repair tool in Microsoft Access.

  3. [[Export Catalog|Export the source catalog]].

  4. Try importing the new .CTLG file.

The above process worked for one user. It may be necessary to Compact & Repair the destination database in other cases.

Option 2 - Copy and Paste items

  1. [[Import Catalog|Import the catalog]] without the To Existing Catalog check box set.
  2. Cut or Copy and Paste items from the source catalog to the destination catalog as described in the [[Copy items to another catalog]] article.

Other possible solutions

Try importing a local copy of the .CTLG file into a local version of the catalog.

Try using a different workstation to perform the import.

 Original Author:Matt_P