Insert component footprints without a panel layout symbol

 Product(s):Promis.e, Bentley Substation
 Area:Panel Layout


Sometimes a simple box depicting the physical boundaries of a device is all that is required on a panel layout. If no symbol is specified for Layout_Symbol in the part number record, Insert Symbol By Device ID will use the X, Y, and Z values in the part number record to create a box for the user to place.

Steps to Accomplish


  1. Use [[Project Manager]] to open a schematic page.
  2. Use Insert Symbol By Name or Insert Symbol By Part Number to insert the schematic symbol and assign the part number. For this example, the part number should be one that has no value for the Layout_Symbol field.
  3. Go to the part number record in [[Parts Database Manager]]. See [[Quick Filtering in the Parts Database Manager]] and [[Quickly Navigate To Part Number Records]].
  4. Enter the dimensions of the part in the Width(X), Height(Y), and Depth(Z) fields. These fields are typically found in the Dimensions area. Note that the X and Y dimensions of the box are what is seen in a Top view; Z is perpendicular to the mounting surface.
  5. Click Apply.
  6. Click Show Differences (next to the Reset button on the upper right of Parts Database Manager).
  7. Select the part number in the list on the Show Differences dialog and click Update.
  8. Click OK to the confirmation prompt.  Close the Show Differences dialog.
  9. Click OK to close Parts Database Manager.
  10. Use [[Project Manager]] to open a panel layout page in the project.
  11. Select Insert Symbol By Device ID.
  12. Select the device for which the schematic symbol was inserted.
  13. Click Place Symbol.

A box with dimensions matching the Width(X), Height(Y), and Depth(Z) fields of the part number will appear at the mouse pointer for placement.

See Also

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