Specify multiple symbols for one mode in a part number record

 Product(s):Promis.e, Bentley Substation
 Area:Component Management
 Subarea:Parts Database

Sometimes I use a certain symbol for a device in a given mode, sometimes a different symbol. How can I make it so that I can choose which symbol to use when using Insert Symbol By Device ID and Insert Symbol By Part Number?


This method allows for choosing one of several symbols to use for a device in a given mode. If a single instance of a device is to be represented by multiple schematic symbols, use a Device Family.

Steps to Accomplish

  1. Open the part number in [[Parts Database Manager]] by [[Quick Filtering in the Parts Database Manager|filtering]] for it or [[Quickly Navigate To Part Number Records|navigating to it from a page]].
  2. In the field for specifying which symbol is to be used in the desired mode, enter the list of symbol names. Names of such fields end with "Symbol". The symbol names must be typed into the field, not browsed for, and should be separated by commas (,) with no spaces.
  3. After making changes, use [[Parts database changes not reflected in project|Show Differences]] button to update the part number information in the project, if applicable.

Now when using Insert Symbol By Device ID to insert a symbol for a device with that part number assigned, a Select Symbol dialog will appear after the Place Symbol button is selected.

When using Insert Symbol By Part Number, the desired symbol can be selected in the "Select Symbol" area of the Insert Symbol By Part Number dialog before clicking the Place Symbol button.


 Original Author:Matt_P

Keywords: Schematic Mode, Panel Layout Mode, 3D Layout Mode, Single Line Mode, Wiring Diagram Mode, Graphical Plan Mode, Pneumatic Mode, Hydraulic Mode